Sunday, March 16, 2008

who in the lord's name comest

It is now less than a week until Easter dawn. Six days until the bells ring and rejoicing begins afresh. All the world waited expectantly over the ages for the birth of Jesus; it did not even know to hope for his resurrection. Yet in that morning is all of our hope for more renewal, more glory, more joy and peace.

These past few days I’ve been spending time playing hymns in the evening rather than writing. There are so many depths to plunge in meditation, but as I found the ordinary work days more and more tiring, I needed to spend time in simpler, more prayerful worship—music revives me, while writing draws a lot of energy out of me. It has been a good week.

This week Hannah and I are in Kentucky, visiting Mammoth Cave National Park with both sets of parents. It is Cornell’s spring break, and a good chance for us all to come together. I will try to write at least briefly each evening; it is Holy Week, after all, and holiness comes from devotion.

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