Wednesday, July 25, 2007

just finished

Last night, around 11:00, Hannah and I completed reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I won’t give away any “spoilers” here (not that it would matter to anyone reading this). I’m mostly writing this because I’m pleased with my own cleverness in coming up with what would make a good cartoon (say, in the New Yorker) this week in our post-smoking-or-non era: a restaurant divided into “Finished Harry Potter” and “Not Finished Harry Potter” sections. I mean, I know I didn’t want people discussing it while I was around until I’d gotten through it (which took all of four days past the release date).

Finishing the book (which we were reading aloud), along with a nice Japanese dinner, is how Hannah and I celebrated our eleventh mensiversary, by the way.

Addendum: I should clarify that it took about 18 hours of reading time, because we were reading aloud. We certainly could have finished on Sunday or Monday, having purchased the book Saturday around noon, but with church and extra social events, Tuesday evening became a nice time to finish it up.

What HP events did people attend?


jhb said...

Well, Mom beat you by 3 days. She finished Sunday afternoon. I'm not even halfway through yet, so NO discussion is happening at our house yet :-).

Becky said...

4 days?!? It only took me 6 hours . . . but you know me.

Melanie said...

No parties for me! (Though I could have gone to one at the local Walmart?) We did crowd around the computer to hear JKR read the first chapter at midnight British time. That's sort of an event.

I like making the books take longer, so I split it into two days of reading. Poor Jim is having it read to him, and my voice is only happy with two chapters per night. Fortunately for him, listening to the first chapter on-line has us now ending on odd-numbered chapters each night-- the cliffhangers are more likely to be on the even numbered chapters (so far).

Of course, we haven't got to the one spoiler that Jim did hear--the bit with robot Ron (who is Voldemort's son) decapitating Harry. I'm looking forward to it--robot voices are fun to emulate!

jhb said...

Harry Potter Party Pictures (see that three times fast) from David-Kidd in Memphis.