Tuesday, March 04, 2008

refresh Thy people on their toilsome way

One has to wonder, as one gets older, whether one is simply becoming more interested in the political process, or whether this time around is actually more interesting than the analogous events in the past. During previous election years, I would hardly have given any heed until after the major parties had chosen their candidates. But this time the entire nomination process has been charged and vibrant and visible. A collection of historic conditions have brought intense scrutiny to this early part of the season, particularly on the Democratic side. I heard on the radio the morning of Super Tuesday that many network producers were treating it in their scheduling like the ultimate reality show (a special boon since the writers’ strike was still on). Now the votes of Ohio, Texas, Vermont, and Rhode Island are being counted, and it seems the furor will continue, as the support of Clinton and Obama remains relatively balanced. I am still afraid, though I think not in the same way as the pundits and analysts, that the more protracted this battle is, the more vicious it will become, and the more difficult it will be to heal any hurt and divisions it may cause. I can pray that the competitiveness will have a strengthening effect on our national dialogue, as well as our resolve to act justly as a country. So far, the campaign seems to have been about as civil as one could hope. May it remain so, so that when we emerge, having chosen based on our consciences and our candidate’s convictions, we are again a whole country, ready to speak with each other and with the world around us.

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