Saturday, November 24, 2007

where to go part 5

Guinea’s back, so to speak. Not everything got resolved—it never does—but the worst of the protests stopped, Peace Corps went back (some of the Volunteers, but not all, who had been serving returned, along with a new crop), and along with that is the excitement of my friend Annie traveling back to our village! Annie served with me at the Lycée Almamy Samoury Touré in Kérouané (the name of the town possibly comes from the Maninka word “kayira”, meaning happiness; the school is named after a Guinean national hero). I taught math; she taught English. Now she and her boyfriend Matt, another RPCV (returned Peace Corps Volunteer) have returned in the other direction, to work on some writing projects. Just thought I’d direct you to her blog. Just the effort of getting into the country has spawned some good stories, and the writing is quality stuff. (Here’s hoping you can get some of it published, Annie!)

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