Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I’ve been back in Ithaca for just under two weeks now. I feel restored. It is unbelievably refreshing to be back here. I love this town. I love this department. I love the opportunities. Just this afternoon Hannah and I went down to Ho Plaza near the Cornell store, where Israeli independence day is being celebrated: my attention was caught by the free camel ride and the falafel pitas. We also made necklaces with our names in Hebrew and learned about the Birthright trip to Israel (for which we are ineligible, not being Jewish). Tonight we go to rehearsal for the Chorale, preparing for the concert on Sunday. Tim and I have been discussing lots of math, leading me to increase my notes and my understanding. Jonathan and I are making plans for me to move back into my old apartment in June.

Before I left, I feared I was falling into too many routines here in Ithaca. Now that I’m back, I just find that I appreciate amazingly all the activities and people. Once I’m more settled, I’ll get back to writing more often. Take care, y’all.

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