Monday, June 20, 2011

marriage equality in NY

This post is a little unusual for me, but I’ve just recently realized what kind of affirmation I’m willing to publicly make on such a divisive political issue. On Facebook I posted a link to this article with the comment “Looking forward to seeing this get passed.” A friend wrote, “Not sure… (and not judging), but are you for or against gay marriage?” Here was my response.
Short answer: For.

Longer answer: I'm for marriage. I'm for giving people the right to choose their life partner and closest kin. I'm against bigotry and parochialism. I'm against rhetoric that amounts to unsubstantiated prophecies of doom. I'm for recognizing that we have much to learn, and have learned much, about sexuality and our own prejudices. I'm for treating our fellow citizens with respect. I'm for faithfulness and holiness in relationships. I'm for encouraging and supporting committed partnerships. I'm for making this intermediate step in our society's inclusiveness (not permissiveness) and equality (not special treatment). I believe that if we fail at this step (by which I mean the broader movement to recognize same-sex marriages, not just today's vote), it will make many people's lives worse, and our country's struggle to continue to be a land of freedom will be harder.

I'm for passage of the Marriage Equality Act.

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