Monday, October 30, 2006



I wanted to keep updating two or three times a week. But it may be a while before I get back to that schedule. Life's been rather frustrating lately, involving things I don't really want to post here. So I'm having to be patient until it sorts itself out somewhat, and I ask for your patience on updates. I have photos from previous entries still to upload, and events to talk about. I'll get to it. Or if not, find me when I'm back in the States and hit me up for stories and pictures.

Just in brief, from this weekend: we had the Hubbards over to our apartment for dinner Saturday night. Sarah planned out a spaghetti dinner. On Sunday I tried one of the local couscous restaurants. There are plenty, due to the great number of north Africans in Marseille. I've learned how not to get spines in my hands while handling prickly pears. (I guess that's all food-related. For a bit of math---) Dr. Hubbard and I got back to working on odd cohomology and complex structures. Turns out (and I should have realized this earlier), this is a perfect occasion to actually work in the Grassmannian of something to work something out. Maybe I'll give more details on those "somethings" another time.

Take care, y'all. I'll be back soon.

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