Wednesday, September 20, 2006

this morning's experiment

Prickly pears come in different colors. For breakfast, I wanted to learn which color tastes the best. I thought it would be the red ones, so I had bought two reds, one yellow, and one green. I was mildly chagrined that the red ones are not, in fact, the tastiest (they still have the prettiest color, however). Based on this single trial, I would say that the green ones are the best. They taste almost like honeydew, which I adore. Further tests are necessary.

I managed to get only two needles stuck in my hands this time, which is a great improvement. Even better, they were easily found and removed. This may actually be the best-case scenario, but I’m going for zero pricklies from peeling the prickly pears. To the lab! I mean market!

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